We are

3 EN As Engineering employees, we work with the consciousness of adding value to the world we live in, collecting and working with. We have our values ​​that are at the base of our performance and that make up our corporate culture, we include people who are compatible with our values ​​in our working lives.

Draw: We determine the target and the way to the destination together. We know that we need to share information with all of our stakeholders for proper management. We take care to listen well. We value looking, listening and explaining from the point of view of the others. Our teammates will spare time for help. We establish relationships based on a fair approach and mutual trust. We encourage our team members to be successful, to be a participant in every issue, to have the right to say their opinions and to obtain information.
Perseverance: We believe that high performance is the result of consciousness of responsibility to carry out many important jobs at the same time. We have consistent and high performance exhibits. As a team member, we aim to be stars in our own space. However, if all the team members become stars, we believe that the excellence will be reached together. We are in the right commitments and we make our commitments. We tell the hardest to say, we make difficult decisions.
Rationalism: Even in uncertainty we make rational decisions. We identify the root causes of the problems and think strategically to prevent them from happening again, we will improve the processes. Rationally, we now separate our plans, which need to be resolved and then need to be improved, in this direction. For sustainability, we avoid unnecessary costs, interrogate all the expenditures we make, and aim to return all expenditures in the most efficient way. We question our behavior that is incompatible with our values. We accept our mistakes.
Development: We consider different approaches and recommendations. While creating our strategies, we enable our services and processes to be improved in this direction by providing opportunities for creative and innovative behavior of our stakeholders. We always aim for the better. We are willing and able to learn quickly. We try to understand our strategy, our market, our customers, our business partners. We are also interested in areas outside our own areas of expertise, and we try to improve ourselves. To find practical solutions to difficult questions, we look at events from different angles. We question the known, suggest new approaches. We produce useful ideas. We try to simplify our processes. We believe that quality should be continuously improved, we are not satisfied with the point.
Respect: We respect people. We think and act on the other side in all kinds of behaviors and in our communication. With all our teammates, we clearly share our ideas, always communicate with respect. We create safe and healthy working environments. We respect nature. We respect the right to life of every living creature. Tenderize. For a better world we develop economically sustainable social responsibility projects and we are passionate about it.