In order to present the most accurate solution to our customers in the electricity sector, we are committed to being honest, economical and reliable in the electric market by sharing our achievements and our power and sharing our power with our honest and respectful relationships with all the people and organizations we are in contact with, especially our suppliers, competitors and employees. and stay in the position of quality company is the general philosophy and vision of our company.

As 3EN Elektrik, we provide our customers with the products of the European norms by combining the products of the leading companies with our engineering experience with the knowledge gained for many years.


By keeping up with technological developments and ensuring compliance with this development and infrastructure,
To provide continuous customer satisfaction, to provide service at a higher level than customer expectations,
Being conscious of their social responsibilities, taking part in social projects for a contemporary society,
To be in favor of renewable energy sources to protect the environment and nature,
Working professionally with a dynamic structure that constantly improves the team spirit,
To be a safe, peaceful, democratic, lawful company,
The customer, the employee, the supplier should always be honest,
To keep quality consciousness at the highest level in service and product.