Automation Systems


Automation projects in 3EN Electric are carried out by engineers working in the Design Department.

Our projects are designed in accordance with all standards and can be adapted to customer standards in the direction of demand.
Our projecting process starts with the preparation of the design plan after the details of the work to be done are discussed with the customer.
After the design has been started, the drawings made are passed through the eye at certain stages and the completeness of the project is checked at the end of the work.
The prepared project is presented to the client on the "temporary admission" basis.
If the change is requested by the client, it is reflected in the project and validated by "final acceptance".
The equipment, cables, terminals and pages we use in our projects have a unique coding system.
With this system, our projects are made very simple to understand and readable, providing great convenience in the assembly phase.

Project Documentation;
A list of materials
Coding System Explanations
Project Personnel Symbols
Single line scheme
Control and Power Schemes
PLC I / O Lists
PLC Connection Schemes
Panel Interior and Exterior Views
Terminal List

Panel Manufacturing

All our power and control panels are manufactured in accordance with international standards (CE Standards) and our customers are delivered on time in our assembly workshop where our expert and experienced installation personnel work.

Field Production

Expert and experienced field installation team performs all kinds of power / control panels and machine / process electrical installation works in accordance with the projects without any mistakes.


Monitoring the system from the on-line monitor by using dynamic mimic diagram with high level SCADA program; tracking, archiving and reporting alarms; monitoring variables with trends and making all kinds of commands from computer (WinCC);

A modem used in an installed system can be accessed via the internet via the internet to view the customer's computer, to view any malfunctions via SCADA, to intervene malfunctions and to make changes to the designed system configuration.

After the software is deployed, the system is delivered and delivered to the customer in case of work and the customer training is provided about the system installed.

KNX programming for smart home automation provides remote access programming, logic and time scenario preparation services.